Sony Digital Camera Captures UFO?

By: John Shepherd

In this story I share with our readers an experience that offers an interesting item in regards to digital cameras and their apparent ability to capture things that may not be seen by an observer under normal viewing conditions.  My hypotheses may have been confirmed by this experience. I may have photographed an unidentified object while taking pictures on Sunday April 23-2000 during a two-mile walk near the small town of Kewadin which is in the NW Lower Peninsula of Michigan. When clicking on the image below left, you will see the original full size image. An enhanced enlargement from that image shows the object in question. The map shows the position of the UFO in relation to the camera .  The photo was taken with a Sony DKC-1 digital camera (1980s vintage).


Direction of object is N. N. W. in relation to camera  


This could be a meaningful UFO observation technique available to researchers. With the advent of new digital cameras people are starting to use. There may be magnetic, thermal, or infrared influences in a bandwidth that only video or still camera sensors are able to detect.

Something moving at a speed or emitting a wavelength not normally visable to the unaided eye may be imaged on a digital camera. A UFO or some other anomaly that only the camera's image sensor can detect may be recorded.

These image sensors are of the CCD type and are known to be sensitive to infrared. It is not a secret that some of the "night vision" camcorder companies are simply removing their infrared filters from the front of the solid state image sensors used in these cameras. The infrared had to be filtered out for the camera to be useable.

You can take a newer CCD camera, remove the filter, blow out a match in the dark, and still videotape the match's thermal signature. These new cameras could be a useful tool in capturing images of phenomena that often eludes the naked eye.